AMERICAN METAL STAMPING produces several lines of standardized stainless steel and carbon steel stampings and fabricated parts in support of a variety of different industries.  From Trailer and Suspension parts to Brake Flanges and Container Components, our inventories are continuously replenished and ready for your immediate delivery.

- Equalizers

- Shackle Links

- Spring Hangers

- Spring Seats

- Spring Pads

- Mounting Brackets

- Support Brackets

- Axle Tie Plates

- Stake Pockets

- Brake Flanges

suspension parts


Ams in-house made parts

TOLL FREE: 877-794-9940

20900 Saint Clair Avenue
Cleveland Ohio 44117 US



- Fence Post (Short) Spade Blades

- Fence Post (Long) Spade Blades

- U-Post Brackets & Spade Blades

Call Us Toll Free at:  877-794-9940 ext 102

- Lift & Fork Channels

- Lid Brackets & Hinge Ears

- Protective Bumpers & Plates

- Structural Sleeves

- Lift & Channel Reinforcements

- Fork & Pocket Guides

- Pickup Channels