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* In-House Tooling & Die Maintenance Services

* Quality Control & Part Inspection

* Customer-Owned Tooling Utilization Options

* Rapid Production Start-up


* High Volume Parts Manufacturing

* In-House Tooling & Die Design Services

Quality Material & Globally Competitive Pricing

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We work with our customers as though we are part of their delivery system.  In addition to providing the expertise to effectively produce your parts, AMERICAN METAL STAMPING also brings the flexibility necessary to create a cohesive partnership offering:

Our focus is on you, our customer, and your need to efficiently manufacture your parts.  Our process is a proven, cost-effective, and streamline method to do just that.  Working with you, we deploy variations of the following (5) step process to produce your parts to your specifications.


1. Manufacturability - Determine the best most efficient way to manufacture your parts.

2. Engineering Content - Evaluate and propose potential modifications that may offer better ways to produce your parts.

3. Tooling - Design the best most cost-effective manner to develop the necessary production tooling, dies, and fixtures.

4. First Part Run - Conduct an initial test run and "first part" quality inspection.

5. Go Live Production - Once approved by you, we proceed with your first full production run.

AMERICAN METAL STAMPING specializes in manufacturing high-volume stainless steel and carbon steel stampings and fabricated parts.  Our engineering and manufacturing experience coupled with our proven production methodologies enables us to quickly tool up, get the job done, and deliver it to your doorstep all while keeping you under budget.

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If you are looking for a quality, dependable, and flexible parts manufacturer to produce your new or existing parts, give us a call today.  We will continuously earn your business.

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